Student Life & Housing


The most robust list of all academic FAQs can be found on our webpage here. The below reflects some of the most common questions that arise.

Financial Aid, Billing

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Student Life & Housing

When will I sign up for housing and what are my options?

You will sign up for Housing beginning in mid-October, when the Study Away Confirmation Portal becomes available. You will have until November 20 to enter your housing preferences there, along with other details such as your emergency contact and passport info. More information about the Portal will be made available on this blog. 

For more about housing options in Prague, please visit the Housing section of our web site.

Note: The $1000 housing reservation fee is not due until November 20 when you fill out the housing application for study away

What is the likelihood of securing a single room?

There are a very limited number of single rooms available, which cannot be guaranteed. Students registered with the Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities are given priority. Please look at their website regarding information on reasonable housing accommodations. This includes how to apply for reasonable housing accommodations and what is evaluated when assessing the need.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

You can expect to be notified of your assignment approximately two weeks before the beginning of your program. You will receive you dorm name and room type; information about roommates will be provided when you arrive.

Can I choose my roommate(s)?

Yes, you can request to live with other students of your choice. You will be able to do this when you fill out your housing preferences in the Study Away Confirmation Portal. Please make sure all students wanting to live together request one another.

While we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your request, we do make efforts to accommodate these requests where possible.

Can I find my own housing?

All students (excepting those studying at NYU Paris) are required to live in NYU provided accommodation. If, however, you have IMMEDIATE family who lives at you study abroad site, you may request an exemption from this rule. You will be able to make this request by sending a petition to housing+appeals@nyu.edu. Submitting a request does not guarantee exemption; appeals will be evaluated by a housing committee on a case by case basis.

How do I get a phone for use abroad?

It’s usually easier – and cheaper – to get a cell phone pay-as-you go plan in Prague than to use your U.S. plan. You can get a plan from O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile with pay-as- you-go minutes. You can either unlock your smart phone and just replace the SIM card when you get to Prague (if you have a GSM phone), or you can buy a cheap phone there from one of the service providers.

During orientation, NYU Prague site staff will show you were to get phones and how to top them up. You’ll also have a land line in your room that dials for free within the Czech Republic.

if you prefer, some phone companies, such as AT&T, also offer study abroad plans that allow you to keep your U.S. number and pay lower rates. Ask your provider!

For more tips about living abroad, see here.

How do I access Money abroad?

You can change dollars at the airport when you arrive but the exchange rates are notoriously bad. To avoid the bad exchange rates many travelers prefer to withdraw money when they arrive abroad from an ATM machine at the airport. You might have to pay withdrawal fees, but with ATMs you’ll get a much better rate of exchange because your bank itself sets the rate. You can find up-to-date currency conversion rate information at http://www.xe.com/ucc/.

Some additional tips:

    • Avoid opening a local bank account. Given that you’ll be abroad for a relatively short period of time, it’s hard to justify spending long hours dealing with complicated government policies.
    • Instead, we recommend that you maintain your bank account in the U.S. and use ATMs to retrieve local currency from your U.S.-based account. ATMs also allow you to receive the most up-to-date exchange rates—and they can be found almost everywhere! If you take our advice and plan to use your ATM card abroad, here are a few things you should do ahead of time:
      • Find out if your bank charges a fee for international withdrawals and check to see if they have partner banks abroad – that will help ensure that your ATM withdrawals are as inexpensive as possible.
      • Inform your bank of your change in residence and the length of your stay abroad to prevent them from blocking your purchases or placing a “hold” on your account.
      • Set up online banking – you’re unlikely to find a branch of your bank abroad and will want to keep track of your spending and ensure that all your purchases are legitimate (unfortunately, fraud can happen anywhere).
      • Make sure your debit/credit card has a 4-digit PIN number – other lengths of PINs often won’t work abroad.
      • Visa and Mastercard are accepted quite widely throughout Prague and much of Europe; American Express less so
      • Photocopy all your cards (front and back) in case your card is lost or stolen and you need to cancel it; leave a copy with a friend or relative both in the United States and abroad (not in your purse or wallet – they might get stolen as well).
      • Check your bank and credit card statements online regularly to help you identify any unusual activity.
    • Beware of pickpockets!

I don’t know anyone else on the program. Help!

Whether you are an NYU or Visiting student, don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else on the program. Many of the students who study abroad on our programs go independently and are looking to meet new people. In fact, most students who go report feeling comfortable abroad because of the small, intimate communities there.

We’re confident that you’ll make friends and find your niche within your NYU program. We’ve created the NYU Prague Spring 2015 Facebook Group specifically for students to “meet” each other before the start of the semester. This is particularly helpful for students that are not in the NYC area who may not be able to attend pre-departure events. So make sure you join and don’t be shy!

One you arrive on site, various orientation activities, social and otherwise, will help you to further get to know your new classmates.


When will I register for courses?

You will register for courses during Registration Week. NYU Students, that means you will register at your normally appointed time during the week of November 17-21. Visiting Students, you will be eligible to register beginning the morning of Wednesday, November 19.

How do I register for courses?

NYU Students, you will register as normal through Albert. Visiting Students, you can begin to familiarize yourself with how to register on our Registering for Courses page here.

What courses do I have to take?

All students studying abroad must register for 12-18 credits. Students studying in Prague must take the required zero credit Global Orientations course, the Czech Republic in a Global Context. This course is listed under Global Programs (GLBL-UA) under College of Arts and Sciences in Albert.

More information on Academic Requirements for Study Away students can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.

I have to take a certain course while I’m abroad to complete my degree on time. How can I guarantee I’ll get in?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot in any course for any student. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you have some flexibility in your schedule and that no ONE course is absolutely necessary for your degree progress. Some courses abroad, can fill and do run waitlists. If you want to take a course that is closed, we recommend that you add yourself to the waitlist. (When waitlisting, make sure to use the Swap function so that Albert knows which class to drop you from should a space open up in the course. If you already waitlisted but did not use the Swap function, use Edit Swap to set up a swap after the fact.)

Waitlists do NOT guarantee you a spot in a class, but we do monitor these lists, occasionally adding seats or opening additional sections if demand is high enough and enough classroom space and instructors can be found. There is also often movement during add/drop period once you arrive at your site, so often students are able to get the courses they want on site even if they weren’t able to do so at registration.

Who should I contact if I’m stuck on a waitlist? Can the instructor give me permission? If you would like to inquire about your position on the waitlist, please email global.academics@nyu.edu. As there are many factors to consider in overriding a course cap, including classroom space and departmental guidelines we ask that you not contact instructors directly to request permission to enroll in a class. Our staff will be in contact with professors and put you in touch with them directly as necessary.

Can I do an internship in Prague and how do I apply?

(Note: this is for students interested in general internships in Prague. Those wanting to take Music Business and Music Technology internships, please speak to your academic advisor).

There are many internship opportunities available in Prague, mostly not for credit (to obtain credit, please work with your academic advisor). For a list of opportunities, please see here (please note the list is subject to change).

There is an internship fair that takes place during orientation, where representatives of the companies come to talk to students about the opportunities available. You will have a chance to ask questions and set up interviews then. Usually everyone who wants an internship finds something, although not necessarily their first choice.

If there’s a particular internship you’re interested in now, you can send your cover letter and resume to Jitka Kalasova (jk1007@nyu.edu), the Internship Coordinator in Prague. She’ll forward the message to the company so they have you on file. But again, none of the internships are awarded until after the Fair that takes place during orientation, so mainly this is if you feel you’re really interested in a particular company and just want to get on their radar!

What are the Important Dates of the Program?

Please visit the Calendar on the web site for information about Arrival, Departure and other important dates.

Financial Aid, Billing

How do I pay my confirmation fee?

Instructions on how to pay your confirmation fee can be found in your admissions email.

Here’s a recap:

Accept or Decline Our Offer Online: Log on to your NYUHome account > Select the “Academics” Tab > Select the “Albert” login link > Click on the “Applicants” link > Select the “Application Status” link under the “Admissions” heading > Click the “Admission Offer” button at the top of the page > Click the “Accept/Decline” link to accept or decline the Admission offer > Click either the “Accept Offer” or “Decline Offer” button > Follow the prompts until you confirm your final decision.

Note: If you accept our offer, please be prepared to pay the required non-refundable tuition deposit by e-check. After you make your final decision, the “Admission Offer” button will no longer be available to you.

By mail or in person (only if you are unable to accept offer online): Please mail a completed Confirmation Form and a check or money order payable to “New York University” to NYU Office of Global Programs, 110 East 14th Street, Lower Level, New York, NY 10003

Note: Please DO NOT SEND CASH. The check or money order must be in U.S. funds only and include your University ID number (see above) and Study Away site in the memo section. Once we receive your reservation fee, the “Admission Offer” button will no longer be available to you.

**It is this confirmation form and deposit that guarantees your place in the program. Please note that programs space is limited. If the program reaches capacity before we receive your deposit, you will be placed on a waitlist. Deposits are encouraged within two weeks of acceptance to the program**

What are the costs of the program?

For program costs, please visit the Costs & Budgeting page of our web site.

What Scholarships and Financial aid are available to me?

For information about Scholarships & Financial Aid, both those available through our office and externally, please visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships page of our web site.

When will I receive my bill and how can I pay?

You can expect to receive your e-bill (emailed to your NYU email ONLY) in mid-December, and it will be due January 6, 2015.

For payment methods and more about your bill, please visit nyu.edu/bursar.

Health & Wellness

Does NYU Provide International Health Insurance?

NYU provided all students studying away on an NYU Global Program with HTH International Insurance free of charge (included in the cost of your tuition).

Do I need to maintain my home insurance?

You MUST maintain your U.S. coverage when studying away with NYU. The International Health Insurance provided by NYU covers you ONLY outside the U.S., so if for any reason you needed to come home for care you want to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.

What kind of coverage does the NYU International Insurance provide?

For the details of the HTH plan, including medical evacuation, please see here.

I thought HTH was free of charge. Why am I seeing a charge for Health Insurance on my bill?

There is NO charge for the International Health Insurance coverage (HTH) we supply to ALL students attending an NYU Study Away program.

If you see a charge for Health Insurance on your bill, this is for the NYU Health Insurance here in the U.S. (remember, HTH covers you ONLY outside the U.S.). Provided that you are still covered in the U.S. under a parent’s insurance plan (you must maintain domestic coverage), you can waive the NYU insurance plan. To waive coverage online, simply follow the steps here.

What if I need counseling while abroad?

While studying abroad is an incredible experience, it often takes time to adjust to a new culture, living arrangements, food, language and submersion into the unfamiliar. Some students feel overwhelmed, others homesick. Some afraid, others depressed. You may periodically feel out of sorts.

The attitudes toward counseling, or therapy, vary from one country to another. Similarly, the availability of resources and quality of services may be different from what we are accustomed to in the US. The NYU staff at your study abroad site can refer you to a local counselor so that you can arrange a therapy schedule. Your HTH Worldwide Health Insurance should cover the cost for your mental health care needs so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for counseling services.

You must plan ahead before departure! Call the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999 or write to wellness.exchange@nyu.edu if you need help making connections to mental health professionals abroad.

If you currently attend counseling or see a therapist regularly, consider the following:

      • If treatment is essential to your functioning, you must identify a therapist PRIOR TO your departure!!
      • If you are considering taking a hiatus from treatment, you should have a plan in the event that you need to see someone while abroad.

If you know you will need a therapist or counselor prior to departure, call the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999. Counselors will assist you in connecting with appropriate NYU site staff NOW to get a referral

If you are presently taking prescribed psychotropic medication:

      • You must meet with your prescribing physician to discuss
      • Receiving enough medication to last until you return. (Note: For some conditions and some medications, this is not possible)
      • Getting a referral to a psychiatrist or medical doctor abroad who will follow you and write prescription refills. Note that prescriptions from American doctors cannot be filled abroad.
      • Having the prescription and the generic make up available and translated into the language of the country where you are studying abroad.
      • If you know you will need medication, get it before you leave, or contact NYU’s the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999. Counselors will be able to put you in contact with the appropriate NYU site staff NOW to get a referral to a psychiatrist or medical doctor.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999; e-mail us at wellness.exchange@nyu.edu or check our web page at www.nyu.edu/shc/counseling. If you find you need a therapist, counselor or doctor while you are away, ask a member of the NYU site staff. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

What else can I do to plan for my Health & Safety while abroad?

Please visit the Health & Safety section of our web site for additional information.


What is my address in Prague?

Your address in Prague is:

Male namesti 2
Prague, Czech Republic 110 00

All mail should be sent here. You will receive the address of your accommodation when you are emailed your housing assignment 2 weeks before the program start date.

For other important Site contacts, please visit the Contacts page of our site.


How do I obtain or renew my Passport?

For information on passports and passport renewal, please visit travel.state.gov. Please also contact ogs.outbound@nyu.edu if you have any question about obtaining a passport, and, if you need a passport quickly, for a letter needed to request same day passport service.

Remember, your passport MUST be valid for 3 months beyond your return date. For Spring 2015, that means though August 2015.

Do I need a visa and how do I get one?

You need a visa to study in Prague. The Office of Global Services will be in touch with you throughout the semester to notify you of important deadlines and to make sure you have the materials you need to secure your visa. For an outline of the process, please visit the Immigration page of our web site.

Who can I contact with questions about the Visa Process?

All questions about the visa process should be directed to the Office of Global Services at ogs.outbound@nyu.edu. Throughout the months leading up to your departure, you will receive emails from ogs.outbound@nyu.edu, but know that Aaron Reynolds (aaron.reynolds@nyu.edu) is your primary contact for immigration related questions as a student going to NYU Prague.  At any point, if you have specific uncertainties, feel free to reach out to him directly.

Otherwise, for general inquiries:

  • Email ogs.outbound@nyu.edu. Please note: due to a high volume of email inquiries, you should expect 3-5 business days for a reply.
  • Call 212-998-4242 if you have an urgent visa issue that cannot wait 3-5 business days for a response.
  • Walk-In Advising Hours are Tuesday-Thursday, from 1pm-4pm.  Please come by if you need individual advising on the visa process. OGS is located at 561 LaGuardia Place, just behind Bobst Library.
  • Schedule an appointment with an advisor if you cannot make walk-in advising hours. You can request an appointment by email, phone, or in person.
  • Remember, if you are just picking up or dropping off documents, you don’t need an appointment. You can come by anytime, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


What deadlines do I need to be aware of?

Please see the To-Do headers, organized by month, at the top of this blog:


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