Waitlisted for a Class? Be sure to read this!

Once you are on a wait-list, if a position in the class opens up allowing you to be enrolled, you will be prevented from enrolling into that class if the total number of units in which you will be enrolled will take you above your credit load limit (18 units for most students) or if the class you are waitlisted for would cause a time conflict with your existing schedule. If you have not enabled the swap feature, you will remain on the wait-list and the available seat will be given to a student further down the wait-list. If you did not set up the swap function initially, or if you are unsure whether you set it up correctly, please click on the following link: http://www.nyu.edu/registrar/sis/student-registration-edit-swap-classes.html for directions on how to set up an Edit Swap. Please note, that using the Edit Swap functionality does not guarantee you a seat in a waitlisted course, however it will prevent you from being skipped over by other students on the wait-list should a space open up. If you have any questions please email global.academics@nyu.edu.

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