Apply to be a Student Senator’s Council Site Ambassador

The Student Senator’s Council is looking for engaged study away students to serve as Site Ambassadors next semester, and hope you will take the time to apply for this opportunity to enrich your global experience.

The SSC Site Ambassadors are student representatives who work to improve student life across NYU’s Global Network University. As a Site Ambassador, you will report on student life to representatives in New York, host Town Hall meetings at your site to get feedback from your peers, possibly oversee club life at your site, and be a general liaison between students at your site and global programs initiatives in New York. You will be connected with staff and administrators at your site and previous Site Ambassadors to help you be an effective advocate for students. When you return, you will have the opportunity to remain connected to your site by serving as a site representative, communicating with future Site Ambassadors as a member of the Global Affairs Committee of the Student Senators Council, the highest form of student government at NYU.

To apply, fill out the application form at this link:

Applications are due Saturday, November 1 at midnight EDT. Selected applicants may be contacted for an interview the week of November 3. All applicants will be notified of their status by Wednesday, November 12. E-mail with any important questions

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